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SpacEye® guides companies’ DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION process, turning the workplace into a smart working environment.

With SpacEye®, it couldn’t be easier to book shared resources.

On just this one platform, users can access all shared resources to help plan and manage tasks.
Users no longer face the hassle of the same old day-to-day issues, like finding a free meeting room or a workspace suitable for their needs.
A real-time dashboard, detailed reports and KPIs allow users to monitor the use of workspaces and support company decision-makers with a view to a process of continual improvement.

Room makes it faster and easier to book rooms, allowing for optimal management.


All work environments are smart thanks to Desk: select and book the most suitable workspace with ease.


Vehicle simplifies the company car booking process, including the returning and delivery of keys.



information is collected from various sources, like video sensors and cameras at Cisco TelePresence stations, using video analysis algorithms and data correlation to determine key parameters in certain environments.


data from various sources (presence sensors, video cameras etc.), simply and easily.


individual spaces, defining key characteristics and features (size, maximum occupancy, maximum crowding, data source installed).


anti-crowding KPIs in real time, such as the number of people present, the density in a certain space, the number of people crossing a certain line (corridor, shop entrance, cash register exit, etc.).


alerts and notifications in real time in the event of critical issues.


subsequent feedback mechanisms in response to any alerts generated.


presence and occupancy data to obtain analytical reports and graphs that clearly represent all useful information to certify the efficiency of anti-crowding measures put in place or to resolve problematic behaviour.


thanks to the fact that the data is collected anonymously.

Administration panel

Administration panel

SpacEye® provides an administration panel through which the system administrator can: configure all bookable resources and assets; set rules on booking and restrictions on the number of people allowed in each space; monitor spaces in real time and manage issues and alerts; access a variety of reports that provide an overview of various indicators; and have at their disposal all the tools required to optimize and monitor the use of company spaces.

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COVID-19 health crisis

Special features enable the management of safe return to office plans and the containment of the risk of infection

Maximum occupancy

By setting maximum occupancy limits within a building or individual offices or workspaces, user bookings can be managed to avoid occupancy levels above the allowed limits.

Social distancing

By setting appropriate social distancing rules, situations involving a lack of social distancing, in which workspaces that are too close together are booked at the same time, can be avoided.

Presence data

By providing real-time information on presence, occupancy, and entrances and exits through doorways, potentially problematic situations of overcrowding can be avoided.

Benefit with SpacEye®

A real-time dashboard, detailed reports and KPIs allow users to monitor the use of workspaces and support company decision-makers with a view to a process of continual improvement..


Simplifies the booking process for shared resources


Supports agile working


Improves the user experience in workspaces


Enables the logical and optimal use of resources


Provides KPIs to support company decision-making processes


Provides useful data to support the management of problematic situations in workspaces

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